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    • GDPR –Compliance in process of Investigation & Litigation
    • Intellectual Property Litigation issues: In the era of AI and ML
    • Global Impact of European Data Privacy Laws
    • Anti-corruption Law developments in Emerging Markets
    • Evolution of Blockchain technologies in the World of IP
    • Litigation & Regulatory Compliance: Shifting focus from cure to prevention

World Litigation forum have set a milestone in connecting with the various International bar associations having Litigation attorney from various large and mid/small size law firms to develops various commercial strategies.

Law Firms
CEO Chairman Managing Partner
CIO / CTO / Head of Legal Technology Senior Partner Practice Director
CISO Head of Information Security Head of Infrastructure
COO / Head of Operations Head of Finance Head of Business Transformation
Chief Innovation Officer Head of IT Strategy Head of Human Resources
Head of Knowledge Management Head of Business Development Head of Marketing
Head of Risk & Compliance Head of Architecture Head of Applications
Head of Administration & Support Head of Facilities Head of eDiscovery
Head of Information Systems Director of Legal Services Director of Legal Administration
Director of Records Management Director of Case Management Director of Legal Operations
Senior Business Analyst Commercial Director Project Manager
Barristers’ Chambers
CEO Head of Chambers Chambers Director
Senior Clerk    
In-House Legal Departments
Vice President  European Counsel Heads of Legal
Global Counsel Senior Counsel Director of Legal Affairs


A big reason for going to Legal conferences is to meet with like-minded people and Law industry peers. Legal Conferences bring together people (Like Arbitrators, Mediators and Conciliators) from all different geographical areas who share a common discipline or Law field, and they are a great way to meet legal attorneys where you can hear lot things about the data privacy techniques or the dispute between organizations. Below are the key points which show the main reason to attend:

• Knowledge and learning from industry veterans
• Exposure, Promotion, Brand Visibility and Recognition for generating Business Prospects
• Gather insights on current and expected future shape of the legal Industry
• Understanding on-shoring, near-shoring and off-shoring models of Legal Process Outsourcing
• Build Strategic Alliances, with the representatives from all over the world which includes Legal Representatives and Leaders from more than 50 countries
• Network with peers facing similar day-to-day challenges and discovering resolutions with the help of industry veterans
• Strengthen your contacts with the service providers and the members of the legal industry


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