Mohamed ElGhatit, OGH LEGAL

Founder & Co- Managing Partner

United Arab Emirates (UAE)


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Founder & Co- Managing Partner
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Mohamed ElGhatit is a founding partner of OGH Legal as well as the UAE office’s Co-Managing Partner.
Previously, Mohamed ELGhatit was the Director of the DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Centre. And before that he was the acting leader of Hogan Lovells Middle East Disputes’ practice in the GCC.
Mohamed ElGhatit read law at, Cairo University, National University of Singapore and Cornell Law School.
He has more than 14 years' experience working in the Middle East. Mohamed ElGhatit regularly acts as counsel and arbitrator in a broad range of complex and transnational disputes in various sectors including real estate, construction, oil and gas, IT, hotels and tourism and banking. Mohamed spends a significant portion of his time advising on engineer and general construction disputes. He has handled cases under most of the major arbitration rules, including ICC, LCIA, DIAC, CRCICA, and UNCITRAL. He has sat as sole arbitrator on around two dozen cases in Dubai only.
Mohamed ElGhatit also advises clients in Court litigation. He has been involved in Court litigations in numerous jurisdictions primarily in, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE (including DIFC) as well as in England.
He has been recognised in a number of industry publications including Legal 500 and Chambers from 2012 onwards.
a "tremendous asset" and "a bilingual lawyer with a solid knowledge of litigation."
"Mohamed ElGhatit's Arabic fluency and extensive litigation and arbitration experience make him a useful figure for corporate and government clients. His clients come from sectors such as construction, telecoms, IT and energy."
Chambers Global
"Singled out for his excellent communication skills, versatility and ability to bridge the gap between common and civil law."
Chambers Global
"A tremendous asset – a bilingual lawyer with a solid knowledge of litigation; unfailingly courteous, dedicated and very professional."
Legal 500.
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
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