James J Doody III, Parallax Group International, LLC

Senior Counsel

United States of America (USA)


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J Doody III
Parallax Group International, LLC
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Senior Counsel
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Jim is an accomplished business attorney with a strong business background, combining global projects & transactions experience in various industries with senior corporate responsibilities.

He has served as Senior Counsel for such multinational corporations as General Electric, United Technologies, ABB, and Pratt & Whitney where he was responsible for drafting & negotiating a wide range of contracts for M&A, NDAs, JVs, IP/IT transactions, structured finance (debt & equity), licensing, and vendor agreements worldwide. He has managed global subsidiaries, oversaw compliance with US federal laws governing international trade and was chief counsel on several high profile global projects (e.g. Beijing Olympics, Hong Kong airport, Estonia-Russian border).

In addition to his JD degree, Jim holds an MBA in International Business from Columbia University, is a member of the NY, NJ & CT Bar Associations and speaks four languages (French, Chinese and Korean).
United States of America (USA)
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