Gian Paolo Coppola, LCA Studio Legale

Business and Dispute Resolution Lawyer



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Paolo Coppola
LCA Studio Legale
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Business and Dispute Resolution Lawyer
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A Partner of LCA Studio Legale, as well as both an Italian attorney-at-law and a Solicitor of England and Wales since 2004, he specializes in litigation and ADR, assisting clients operating in various business areas, ranging from the traditional industry, such as construction, oil distribution and renewable energies, to more advanced markets such as electronic commerce, couponing and innovative technologies. He has also advised in a number of litigation and arbitration procedures concerning corporate bodies and auditors’ liability, as well as unfair competition and international contracts. With respect to company and consumer relations, he attends to litigation proceedings with consumer associations and procedures before the Italian Competition Authority for unfair commercial practices cases. Finally, he has a wide expertise in all areas of company law, business contracts, M&A transactions, consumer relations and personal data protection.

Specialties: My practice focuses on corporate law, M&A transactions and data protection, with a significant experience in litigation and ADR, both domestic and transnational.
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