Steven K. Andersen, International Centre for Dispute Resolution

Vice President, International Development

United States of America (USA)


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K. Andersen
International Centre for Dispute Resolution
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Vice President, International Development
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Vice President responsible for the coordination and development of the complete range of international dispute resolution services offered by the American Arbitration Association’s (AAA) international division called the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR). Geographic territory includes all of Canada, Mexico and most of the geographic United States of America. Steve oversees the activities and operations in the ICDR’s Houston and Mexico City offices. Development focused on a broad portfolio of multinational business dealings including commercial, technology, energy, construction and other industries. As part of his initiatives, he has responsibility to help manage the size, expertise and diversity of the ICDR arbitrator and mediator rosters within North America. Other activities include collaboration on institutional rule changes and the negotiation of cooperative agreements with other dispute resolution and educational organizations in the region. Steve also created and directs the activities of the ICDR Translation Committee.

Steve dedicates a substantial amount of time organizing and facilitating international dispute resolution education. He has served as trainer in multiple arbitration and mediation courses offered by the AAA, ICDR and other organizations; Delivered numerous presentations and lectures to law firms, corporations, professional trade organizations and industry conferences, including experience with giving presentations in Spanish. Wrote curriculum for mediation, negotiation and arbitration training programs offered by the AAA and ICDR. Organized various prominent international dispute resolution events in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Toronto and other cities.
United States of America (USA)
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