Abdulmohsen Almutlaq, Saudi Fund for Development

Legal Counsel

United Arab Emirates (UAE)


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Saudi Fund for Development
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Legal Counsel
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(Abdulmohsen Almutlaq is a Saudi Qualified Lawyer serving as a Legal Counsel at the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) and Saudi Export Program (SEP). He holds a Bachelor of Laws from King Saud University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Law from Curtin University and a Master of Commercial and Resources Law from the University of Western Australia.

Abdulmohsen specialises in Saudi contract law, loans and finance law and Saudi international trade law. He drafts and advises on high value contracts and loan agreements between the SFD and SEP and foreign governments and entities. He also advises and represents the SFD and SEP in litigation arising from contracts.)
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
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