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Deena Fayek
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Standard Chartered Bank
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Legal Counsel
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Deena Alhilli was appointed as Legal Counsel of Standard Chartered Bank, Bahrain in September 2016. She is responsible for developing effective strategies for identifying horizon risks for Legal; providing proactive advice on all legal issues that have a significant impact in Bahrain as well as establishing and maintaining effective processes (including training, advice and support) to ensure that policies, procedures and standards addressing legal risk are effectively maintained. Deena also represents Standard Chartered Bank, Bahrain on the Legal & Regulatory Reform Committee of the Bahrain Association of Banks.

Prior to joining Standard Chartered Bank, Bahrain, Deena has held managerial posts with Citibank, N.A (handling Bahrain and Qatar) as well as BMI Bank B.S.C (c) and the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution.

Deena has a Bachelors Degree from the University of Limerick in Law and Accounting, as well as a Certificate in Common Law, Diploma in Banking Law and a Masters in Commercial and Corporate Law from University College London (UCL).
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