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United Arab Emirates (UAE)


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Lawyer and Legal Consultant
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Ghassan is a Lebanese corporate/commercial lawyer who is admitted to the Beirut Bar Association. He is currently employed at Choueiri Group as a Senior Legal Counsel and his work is currently focused on the media, advertising and technologies industry, with a main focus on digital media services. His experience ranges from corporate, business and tax law, European law, competition law, distribution and franchise law, IP, M&As and banking law. Prior to joining Choueiri Group, Ghassan trained in Fidal Law Firm in Paris and in HBD-T Law firm in Beirut and worked at El Meouchi law firm in Beirut where he gained significant local and regional experience, notably in banking and corporate law before he moved in house in Dubai. Ghassan obtained his LL.B degree from Filiere Francophone de Droit – Beirut, his Master Degree in Business and Tax Law from University of Montpellier with a specialized diploma in Jurist Counsel of companies, and his LLM from the College of Europe (Bruges) in European Legal Studies. He was lately a speaker in the Madrid International Bar Meetings in 2017 on social media and right of privacy, represented Lebanon in different international youth conference and youth parliaments and is still an active member/founder of NGOs acting in Lebanon and Europe, dealing with youth empowerment and human rights. He is fluent in Arabic, English and French and have an advanced level of Spanish.
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
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