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United Arab Emirates (UAE)


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Rami Ahmed is an Egyptian attorney lawyer,
as he lives with us now in Dubai he is
working as SAS Real Estate Legal Adviser,
Rami belongs to that type of lawyers who
does not accept any fleeting case, this is
why he prefers corporations more than
legal firms, After getting his master degree
in Sharia and private law, Rami decided to
rely more on legal solutions derived from
Islamic law.. According to him “Most Civil
Law Terms is derived from Islamic
Jurisprudence, civil law is the legal father of
any law...” maybe this is why rami likes
arbitration and mediation that much.
In his career rami managed to handle many
cases, and provide the legal protection to
his company.
Personally rami is a simple person, a athlete
likes reading and swimming, football and
messi. This is not a mind to make him a
religious person.
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
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