Ahmad Saleh

Ahmad Saleh

Ahmad Saleh

Partner, Head of Patents & Designs (R&D and Innovations) | UAE

Ahmad is a Canadian attorney and engineer coming with over 12 years of higher education studies in law and engineering and 12 years of western and local experience in IP and commercial law. He has worked for reputable Canadian and international law firms in the fields of Intellectual Property and Commercial Law before joining Al Tamimi as Head of Patents & Designs (R&D and Innovations) in September 2013.

Ahmad has particular expertise in high technology industries including ICT, computer, software, electrical/electronics, telecommunications, aerospace & defence, optics, biomedical, mechanical, transport, energy and oil & gas.  He represents a wide range of clients in these sectors, ranging from individual inventors and entrepreneurs to multinational companies and universities, in the protection, management and enforcement of their innovations locally and internationally.

Ahmad advises governmental entities in a wide range of innovation related matters including high level innovation strategies, legislative, regulatory, innovation policies, processes, and innovation fostering. Ahmad also assists governmental entities in setting legal frameworks for the implementation and deployment of innovation projects and organisations inside the country.

Ahmad also assists clients in the private sector in a wide range of IP and commercial-related matters, including advising on regional and international patent protection strategies, advising on the patentability, freedom-to-operate and the validity/infringement of inventions, conducting due diligences in the frame of technology transfer and rights acquisitions, negotiating and drafting technology transfer and other innovation related agreements, advising in dispute resolutions involving IP conflicting matters including patent litigation, managing global patent portfolios, and drafting and prosecuting  patent applications worldwide including the MENA region, the US, Europe, Canada and the Far East.

Ahmad manages over 1500 patent matters and 250 clients in a wide range of matters for both private and public entities.

Ahmad is one of the most experienced patent lawyers and innovation councils in the Middle East and is widely recognized for his strategic and visionary thinking and leadership. Ahmad sits on committees/advisory panels including the Global Advisory Panel of the UAEU Science & Innovation Park. Ahmad mentors start-ups throughout their business cycles from the incubation stage to advanced maturity stages.   He is regularly invited to speak at innovation events and has been interviewed for various television channels, newspapers and magazines in relation to innovations, entrepreneurship and intellectual property, including Dubai TV, Emarat TV, the National, International Bar Association, Thomson Reuters and has extensive publications